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Graduate Student Internship

Internships provide students with practical experiences in a career setting. These experiences often allow interns to apply their formal course work with the day-to-day operation of communication-related jobs. While some internship positions may offer the student a stipend, a stipend is not mandatory. The M.A. - nonthesis graduate degree program requires an internship from all students prior to taking their comprehensive exams.

Internships must be communication related. While the term "communication" is defined by the School of Communication and Journalism in a broad and reasonable way, all internships must employ some form of effective oral and/or written communication and help the student achieve career goals. An intern must not be merely running errands or performing clerical duties.

Internship credit cannot be granted for a job the student is already performing. In some cases, internship credit may be granted to a student already employed in a communication related position if the internship requires activities above and beyond those of the regular job.

Students planning an internship must remember that the "employer" invests time and effort supervising and training interns. Services of value are expected in return. The internship is a reciprocal arrangement: students exchange their work in return for on-the-job training, work experience, and an important resume item.

PREREQUISITES: Students should apply for an internship after passing qualifying exams and completed 27 graduate hours, including COMM7000, 7010, and 7020. Students must be in good academic standing as specified by the Graduate School.

Application Procedure:

  • Obtain Internship Packet
  • Determine that you meet the internship prerequisites.
  • Meet with the graduate faculty internship supervisor, with an unofficial transcript stipulating that you understand and have met the prerequisites.
  • Locate an internship position based on the approved guidelines, include a job description and/or an outline detailing internship position objectives and responsibilities with an on-site supervisor.
  • Obtain permission to intern from your major professor then committee members.
  • Complete Form A of the intern agreement.

Questions regarding internships, should be directed to the Graduate Faculty Internship Supervisor.

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Last Updated: May 31, 2017