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Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith

Associate Professor

Media Studies

Communication & Journalism

Kevin Smith

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120 Tichenor Hall

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Wednesday 9 am - 12 pm


MFA, Louisiana Tech University

BFA, Auburn University

About Me

Kevin Smith is currently an associate professor in the area of media studies in the School of Communication and Journalism at Auburn University. As co-creator of the visual media track, Smith focuses on the aspects of visual storytelling. As media channels have evolved, he has concentrated his interests in graphic design, to cinematography, then 2D and 3D motion graphics in filmmaking and currently augmented reality. Smith places emphasis on these mediums’ incorporation into the overall visual storytelling process. His body of work has received recognition both internationally and nationally including design competition awards (American Advertising Federation (AAF) Addy Awards, Pixie Awards, Creativity 39th & 40th Design Competition, Designing For the Greater Good), work in books (Logolounge Volume 9 and The Vandercook 100), magazine features (Uppercase Magazine) and state of Alabama archival permanent collection inclusion (Letterpress Poster Series).

Smith's exploration of 3D motion graphics and how they can be used to communicate visually in AR/VR environments is the catalyst of his current research. At the core of this immersive experience lies the visual stories told through motion graphics, cinematography and augmented reality and how they enhance and differentiate from more traditional visual mediums. He continues to push the boundaries of software technology to uncover the wider conceptual possibilities of visual storytelling by experimenting with a myriad of methods and identifying the most impactful methodology to the intended user.

Just as Smith's body of work has evolved from print design to screen-based motion design, his work is forward looking to the immersive extension that technology is affording. Additionally, he explores the impact these technologies bring to the intended user, as well as the facilitation of interdisciplinary collaboration to strengthen an overall visual message that seeks to educate, inform or entertain. His current projects further the mission of historical sites and depict events of a particular time period, allowing the user to take part in the storytelling experience. His research is exploring how to and the impact of bringing this version of storytelling through augmented reality to historical sites and the events that occurred there.

Smith earned a Master of Fine Arts in communication design from Louisiana Tech University and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design from Auburn University. He also spends time working on industry projects as a means to understand the intricacies of software capabilities through storytelling. He particularly focuses on how these mediums can be used to support the efforts of his research and future goals of his students from concept to production.

Research Interests

visual communication, with emphasis on motion design