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The College of Liberal Arts serves communities around the state, nation and world with outreach activities. Through engaging with community partners and exchanging knowledge across borders, we support Auburn University’s land-grant mission to improve quality of life. We instruct, assist and serve our communities through summer camps, educational development, health clinics, service learning, innovative projects and more. Across dozens of outreach projects, we strive to enrich lives and expand education for all.

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Learn more about CLA’s outreach work across the state, nation and world.

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Securing our elections: College of Liberal Arts faculty educate national, international election administrators

The Department of Political Science has professionalized election administration, trained leaders in efficient election processes and aided developing countries in free and fair elections. Auburn partnered with the National Association of Election Officials, also known as The Election Center, more than 30 years ago. Throughout that time, election officials across the nation have been trained in election administration best practices. Associate Professor Kelly Krawczyk elevates that work to an international scale with her research, teaching and outreach work in Africa.

Classroom champions: Auburn outreach work supports K-12 education

Across the state of Alabama, College of Liberal Arts faculty work to support K-12 education by sharing subject expertise and elevating community stories. Outreach activities include sharing women's history in person and online, supporting the creation of community newspapers, leading teaching workshops on the history of Selma and hosting voice and acting classes for K-12 students.

Community of care: Bright Ideas TBI Camp provides help, hope for traumatic brain injury survivors

The Alabama Head Injury Foundation organizes the Bright Ideas TBI Camp at colleges and universities around Alabama. Auburn’s Department of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences champions the foundation’s mission on campus by creating a community of care for TBI survivors. After three days at the Bright Ideas TBI Camp, participants leave having received testing, counseling and occupational therapy from a multidisciplinary team. Participants also take away at-home exercises and technology to continue their improvement outside of the camp.

Caroline Marshall Draughon Center for the Arts & Humanities

The Caroline Marshall Draughon Center for the Arts & Humanities is the heart of outreach in the Auburn University College of Liberal Arts. Established in 1985 to extend Auburn’s land grant mission, the center develops and offers programming around the state to cultivate lifelong learning and strengthen community ties. Through the center, generations of Alabamians have explored collective experiences, values and identities through the creativity of the arts and the wisdom of the humanities.