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Research and Creative Works

From excavations to sculpture, from hearing aids to aviation history, the College of Liberal Arts is a community of scholars who strive to contribute new knowledge and creative works. Our faculty are recognized by our national and international peers for their contributions to the social sciences, humanities, fine arts, and communication. They then share this scholarship in our classrooms - ensuring that our students become informed, engaged, and contributing members of society.

Rosephanye Powell

Rosephanye Dunn Powell, professor of voice in the Department of Music, is internationally recognized as the most published and performed African-American female composer of choral music. Her original works are published by major music publishers, including the Hal Leonard Corporation, Oxford University Press, Fred Bock Music/Gentry Publications, and Alliance Music Publications.

Alan Meyer

Even today, nearly 60 years after the Supreme Court case that made it illegal for airlines to refuse to hire pilots on the basis of race, less than 3 percent of all pilots are African American. Just as his first book, Weekend Pilots, explored why there are still so few women pilots after all these years, history professor Alan Meyer’s second book, Flying While Black, investigates the various reasons for the continued slow pace of racial integration in the airline cockpit.

Tannista Banerjee

Tannista Banerjee, associate professor of economics, led a first of its kind study to measure choice behavior in a semi-realistic shopping environment, employing neural correlates with both electroencephalography (EEG) and functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) technologies. Exploring the brain processes underlying the effectiveness of public policy interventions using sales taxes and discounts, her study has important future health policy implications.




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In the News

Annie Campbell

Experiencing 20-40 seizures a day, parents Annie Campbell and Ben Belcher knew their infant was struggling. They took their son Emmett to a neurologist...

Traci O'Brien

With the Implementation Grant, NEH awarded O'Brien over $99,000 for her project, “Building Lasting Bridges: German and Engineering at Auburn University.”...

Department of History

An interdisciplinary team of researchers received grants from the National Park Service to further their efforts to document and preserve African American...

Jennifer Robinson

As the world continues to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, psychology and even brain chemistry may play increasingly important roles in how people deal...

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