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School of Communication & Journalism
Graduate Program

Who We Are

  • The Master of Arts degree program in the School of Communication and Journalism covers the four main areas of study in our discipline: communication, public relations, journalism and media studies.
  • Our goal is to provide students with an exceptional masters-level education focused on building critical and analytical skills in these areas.
  • Students work with graduate faculty to integrate theory, research and practice to fit their academic and professional goals.
  • CIOS's ComVista/ComAnalytics reported that our graduate program ranks in the top ten of its analytics for the publication of research in Organizational Communication, Health Communication and Television Studies.

About Our Program

  • The Master of Arts in Communication Studies is a 30-31 credit-hour program.
  • Our curriculum consists of:
    • Three required foundational courses in communication theory, qualitative research methods and quantitative research methods (9 credit hours).
    • Six classes of elective coursework in communication, public relations, journalism and media studies (18 credit hours).
    • A final thesis (4 credit hours) or comprehensive exam, which requires completing an internship (3 credit hours).
  • As an alternative, we offer a Communication Graduate Certificate, which is an 18 credit-hour program that involves taking the three required foundational courses (9 credit hours), and three courses of elective course work (9 credit hours).


Myoung-Gi Chon

Myoung-Gi Chon

Associate Professor

Graduate Program Officer