This is the Department of Communication and Journalism


All CMJN majors must complete an internship to graduate. Internships enable students to gain practical, hands-on experience in a professional setting.

Admissions Procedures

Communication, Journalism, Media Studies and Public Relations are application majors. Students are considered pre-majors until accepted into one of the four programs.


The Communication program is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the nature of communication in order to prepare them for living and working in a diverse and complex society.


The Journalism Program prepares students to tell stories through digital and traditional platforms because today's news consumers want their content via print, television, the Web, or digital device.

Public Relations

The PR curriculum is designed to allow students to master all elements of the public relations process; from research, planning, communication, and evaluation, to strategies used and the application in society today.

Media Studies

Combining history, theory and practice, the media studies curriculum fosters critical inquiry and creative application across media, including film, television, music, and digital media platforms.

Faculty & Staff

The School of Communication & Journalism boasts preeminent faculty who have received countless recognitions for teaching, research, and outreach.

Graduate Program

Graduate students will take classes in human communication, public relations and media studies. Students integrate theory, research, and practice into their study of communication.

Diversity & Outreach

The School of Communication & Journalism recognizes the importance of both reflecting and teaching diversity and strives to ensure inclusion in the makeup of its faculty, staff, and students.

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