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Department Assistantships

Graduate teaching assistantships (GTA) are available to U.S. citizens on a competitive basis. (Most international students are not eligible for a teaching assistantship during their first semester, and all international students who apply for a teaching assistantship are required to score a minimum of 50 on the TSE). Graduate assistantships provide wages of approximately $10,000.00 for nine months plus a tuition waiver (GTAs must pay a per semester fee). GTAs assist in a variety of courses. Assistantships are awarded on the basis of the undergraduate GPA, the GRE scores, letters of recommendation, the applicant's Statement of Purpose and GTA application form. Assistantships cannot be awarded until admission to the Graduate School (for the School of Communication & Journalism) has been approved. GTA application forms will be sent to the Graduate Program Officer, not the Graduate School.

Application Deadlines

  • First-round review for fall semester: February 15th of the same year
  • Second-round review for fall semester: May 1st of the same year
  • Review for spring semester: October 1st of the preceding year

Assistantships are awarded on a one-semester basis. At the conclusion of this time period, all GTAs will be evaluated according to their quality of course work, teaching, and service. Students who do not fulfill departmental expectations will not have their assistantships renewed. The GTA must maintain a 3.0 graduate-level GPA or automatically have their assistantship revoked.

Assistantship Information

If you are offered and accept an assistantship, you will be expected to do several things:

  1. You must complete the paperwork for and pass a required background check. (This is required of all university employees).
  2. You will attend a mandatory workshop and a variety of orientations one week prior to the beginning of classes each semester.
  3. You will assist in teaching courses.  These courses include but are not limited to:
    • COMM 1000: Public Speaking
    • COMM 3500: Foundations of Human Communication
    • COMM 3600: Foundations of Rhetoric
    • CMJN 2100: Concepts in Communication & Journalism
    • JRNL 1100: Newspaper Fundamentals
  4. You will enroll in a minimum of 9 hours of Departmental coursework per semester.
  5. You will be assigned Departmental service requirements.

For more information

Mike Milford

Mike Milford
Graduate Program Officer
229 Tichenor Hall
Auburn University, AL 36849
(334) 844-8735

Last Updated: August 24, 2018