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Department of World Languages, Literatures & Cultures
Translation and Interpreting

The Undergraduate Certificate in Translation and Interpreting provides students already studying languages specific training and experience in the work of translating and interpreting. Students must complete all courses with a minimum grade of C to earn the certificate.

Curriculum (12 total credit hours)

Required Course (3 credits)

  • FLNG 2150 Foundations of Translation and Interpreting

Choose one translation course (3 credits) in specific language. Students are responsible for pre-requisites:

  • FLSP 3310 Spanish Translation and Interpretation
  • FLGR 3150 Topics in German Literature, Language and Culture
  • FLFR 4740 Translation
  • Upper-level courses in translation/interpreting in additional languages

Choose one of the following supporting courses (3 credits):

  • ENGL 2010 Introduction to Professional Writing
  • ENGL 2020 Introduction to Literary Studies
  • ENGL 3110 Survey of Linguistics
  • FLNG 3110 Introduction to Linguistics: A Multilingual Approach
  • ENGL 4000 Advanced Composition
  • ENGL 4040 Public Writing
  • ENGL 4170 History of the English Language
  • COMM 2010 Communication in Society
  • COMM 2400 Introduction to Workplace Communication
  • COMM 3100 Professional Presentations
  • COMM 3450 Intercultural Communication

Choose one of the following internship/experiential learning opportunities (3 credits):

  • HONR 4007 Honors Apogee Project
  • FLSP 4910 Practicum in Spanish
  • FLGR 4910 Practicum in German
  • FLFR 4930 Advanced Directed Study
  • Directed Studies or Practica in additional languages