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I'd say in my case, especially, my German degree is just as valuable as my Engineering degree.

-Malcom Patterson, '14. Double major in German and Mechanical Engineering.

Series Planning Manager at Mercedes-Benz in Vance, AL. 

The Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures offers bachelor of arts degrees in German and German-International Trade. Two minors in German are also offered: German and German linguistics.

We offer an allied program with the College of Education, Foreign Language Education.

Our dual degree program in German and Engineering provides for enrollment in both the German program and in the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering. Two degrees are awarded: a bachelor's degree in German and a bachelor's degree in the designated engineering field. Students receive dual advising through the Colleges of Liberal Arts and Engineering. Typically, five to six academic years are necessary to complete dual degree requirements.


Featured German Alumni

Malcom Patterson, '14. Double major in German and Mechanical Engineering.



Last Updated: December 01, 2020