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Public speaking is one of the most valuable skills you will learn during your time at Auburn. As a required course for many majors, there are often a lot of questions about how to get into public speaking sections each semester. Please review the following information if you are trying to enroll in a public speaking class.

Important Things to Know About COMM 1000:

  • Once a section fills to capacity of 28, the waitlist automatically starts.
  • Once you are on the waitlist, and if a seat opens up, you will be contacted by e-mail by the course director. This can occur anywhere from a month before classes begin up until the day before classes begin. Not replying to that e-mail by the deadline given will forfeit the open seat. Students must put themselves on a waitlist for a particular section; our office will not do that.
  • Priority is given to those on the waitlist in the following order:
    • Graduating seniors whose programs require COMM 1000/1003 to earn your degree
    • Pre-Comm, Pre-MDIA and Pre-Building Science majors (all of which must have this course before they can begin the programs of study)
    • Seniors
    • Juniors
    • Sophomores
    • Freshmen
  • Once you register for a section, you cannot switch seats. There are no exceptions to this policy. Several thousand students take this class every year, and open spaces are reserved for those that don't currently have a seat. This also applies to students enrolled in a traditional class trying to switch to an online section.
  • If you are on the waitlist but never received an e-mail, you can try going to a COMM 1000 section the first or second day of class to see IF there are openings. If there are not, you will need to take COMM 1000 during a different semester.

**Please note that COMM 1003, the online version of public speaking, has a limited number of sections. We believe it is most beneficial to the vast majority of Auburn students to take the course in the classroom environment with an audience of your peers.

COMM 1003 is first-come, first-served during registration. Very few students drop this class, so your best bet of getting the class if you don't get it during your registration time is to take the in-class option or wait until summer semester when at least 10 sections of the online course are offered.**

-Students wishing to take this course for honors credit must enroll in an honors section, COMM 1007, during fall or spring semester. No honors credit is given otherwise.-

Have Questions?

Contact the COMM 1000 Program Director, Jennifer Johnson, at

The Philip Lutzenkirchen Excellence in Public Speaking Award

Auburn Speaks is a public speaking competition held each fall and spring semester. Students are nominated for the competition by their peers. What begins in the classroom with more than 1,000 speeches gets narrowed to 40-45 semi-finalists that present in front of a panel of judges. From there, six finalists are selected to compete for the Philip Lutzenkirchen Excellence in Public Speaking Award.

This award was established in March 2017, and seeks to honor the memory and lasting lasting legacy of communication graduate and former Auburn football great Philip Lutzenkirchen. Philip was a young man of great character and his life and legacy are still felt on Auburn's campus. He was tragically killed in a car accident on June 29, 2014. The top finalists in the Auburn Speaks competition are the recipients of this distinguished award.

For more information about this event or questions about donating to the award fund, please contact Public Speaking Director Jennifer Johnson at or visit the award fund link.

Previous finalists and winners

Spring 2018:

  • Kaytlyn Podein - LeBron James (1st place)
  • Gracie Price - Top Fishkeeping Mistakes (2nd place)
  • Taylor Jean Annerino - Corgis (3rd place)
  • William Finney - 5K Races
  • Franklin Lamar - Flipping Cars
  • Helen Randle- Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists

Fall 2017:

  • Maddie Sullivan - Photography (1st place)
  • James Luppino - The History of the Biblical Canon (2nd place)
  • Jacob Sparks - Queen Elizabeth II (3rd place)
  • Corey Blackmon - Suicide
  • Peyton Parra - AU Dance Marathon
  • Zahra Hooda - Nonverbal Communication

Spring 2017:

  • Nikki Panzica - The Zodiac Killer (1st place)
  • Ashley Archer - Ebola (2nd place)
  • Noach McNelley - Electoral College (3rd place)
  • Sadie Argo - Stroop Test
  • Dillon Osborne - Weight Lifting
  • Brian Young - Hip Hop

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