M.A. Program

The Department offers a traditional Master of Arts degree in history as a standalone credential or as a springboard to PhD-level study at Auburn or elsewhere. The M.A. is a two-year degree for students completing or with a baccalaureate degree in hand. It includes a minimum of 27 hours of coursework, and the degree is completed by the submission and successful defense of a thesis grounded in original research. The Department does not admit students to pursue a non-thesis M.A.

Individuals interested in public history and archival studies, European and non-US histories, as well as secondary school teachers desiring to upgrade their certification, are particularly encouraged to apply to our M.A. program. Applicants should be clear in their Personal Statement as to their motivation for entering the program.

Students concentrating in Archival Studies or Public History are eligible to receive a Certificate in Archival Studies or Certificate in Public History in addition to their M.A. in History. These certificate programs are designed to give students a fundamental grounding in those fields and to directly prepare our graduates for employment in archival and public history organizations.

Students who wish to pursue a traditional academic career in one of the Department's areas of strength may wish to apply instead for our "direct-track" Ph.D. Students should contact our Graduate Program Officer to discuss their best course of action in this regard.

The basic regulations governing all graduate study in history are those of the Graduate School found in the annual Graduate School Bulletin. The Department's own regulations (which speak more specifically to our program and are, in some instances, more rigorous), as well as detailed information on all stages of the graduate program and on the duties and responsibilities of our graduate students, are available in the Department's Graduate Handbook.

If you have further questions about our program, about faculty interests, or about the application and admission process, please contact our Graduate Program Officer.

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Last Updated: August 09, 2016