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Department of History
5 Reasons to Study History at Auburn University

Thinking about majoring in history? Here are our top five reasons to study history at Auburn University.

  1. We offer small class sizes for our history majors, akin to much smaller liberal arts colleges.
  2. We emphasize understanding different societies and cultures through a historical lens which teaches you how to approach issues from multiple perspectives—a skill employers want.
  3. We give our students numerous opportunities for experiences beyond the classroom, such as working on a 3-D digital project to preserve the events of Selma’s Bloody Sunday.
  4. You’ll learn from award-winning faculty who are leaders both nationally and internationally in areas like military history, the South and civil rights, and aviation history.
  5. History at Auburn is just interesting! With special topics like the digital society, country music, and Elizabethan England, you’ll find our classes unique and engaging.