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George Petrie's history class in 1914
     1914: George Petrie's history class
The Department of History has long been an important institution at Auburn University. In 1891, Auburn hired George Petrie (1866-1947) to be a Professor of History and Latin, the first non-scientific professorship in what was then an Agricultural and Mechanical College. Petrie not only founded Auburn's History Department. He also helped establish two other enduring Auburn traditions. Petrie introduced the game of football to Auburn in his first year there. Half a century later, he would write the Auburn Creed. The Department of History continues to play an active role in building new traditions at Auburn today.

The Department of History is renowned for its scholarship in Southern history, history of technology, public history, and race, rights and inequalities. In serving our mission as a land grant institution, our faculty do award-winning work in public outreach and community engagement. 

We are a community of scholars. The members of our department work hard to create a nurturing environment for creative and insightful historical research through ongoing seminars on fields ranging from early American history to European studies. It is because of this sense of community that our faculty and students produce high-quality work published in top journals and with top academic presses.

The History Department offers a B.A. degree; an undergraduate minor; graduate-level studies towards a master's and Ph.D., as well as graduate certification in Public History. We also serve the broader university community through engaging courses that are a part of the undergraduate core curriculum.

The study of history is important, because the past forms such an integral part of who we are today. Exploring the past can provide a path forward for understanding many of the challenges that arise in this diverse, complicated, and interconnected modern world that we live in. Our faculty loves the work that they do, opening students' minds to the past as a way to broaden their engagement with the world. We are helping students develop the skills that will serve them in their careers, and in a lifetime of learning.

— Dr. David Lucsko, Chair, Department of History

photo of Auburn's History faculty in 2019
Auburn University's History Faculty, May 2019


Last Updated: August 13, 2019