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Department of Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences
Certificate in Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences

Our online post-baccalaureate certificate program in Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences is designed for students who require foundational coursework to complete the requirements needed for graduate study. Typically, students in the certificate program have received undergraduate degrees in other areas of study.

The SLHS Certificate Program consists of 9 courses for a total of 25 credits. Coursework is also available on an individual basis for students who do not need the entire course sequence.


SLHS Certificate Program Online Course Sequence*


Course Number

Course Name



Summer 1

SLHS 3400

Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech and Hearing Mechanism




SLHS 4520

Language Acquisition




SLHS 4100

Language Disorders Across the Lifespan


SLHS 4520


SLHS 3410

Articulatory Phonetics and Phonological Development


SLHS 3400


SLHS 3550

Speech and Hearing Science


SLHS 3400 SLHS 3410


SLHS 4600

Audiology and Hearing Science



Summer 2

SLHS 3560





SLHS 4620

Hearing Rehabilitation


SLHS 4600


SLHS 4500

Special Observation


SLHS 3400 SLHS 3410 SLHS 4520

*Students may also take coursework in a face-to-face format, space permitting.



Admission Application Open Date
Summer Term: August 1
Fall Term: August 1
Spring Term: July 1

Admission Application Deadline
Summer Term: May 1
Fall Term: July 1
Spring Term: November 1

Enrollment Deposit Deadline
Summer Term: May 1 (or 15 days from acceptance)
Fall Term: August 1
Spring Term: December 1


Minimum Technology Requirements

Completing an online course means that you need to ensure all of your technology is ready. The following outlines the hardware and software requirements for success in the program. In addition to the items listed below, you may be required to use additional programs as part of a specific course.

    • Internet Browsers
      Before exploring your online course, you should ensure that you are using a compatible browser. Your online course is optimized for Google Chrome.
    • Internet Speed
      Our platform is designed to accommodate low bandwidth when needed, but we strongly recommend using a broadband connection (with a minimum speed of one Mbps) for optimal access to course materials.
    • Tablets
      While iPads, Android-based tablets, and Chrome OS tablets can be convenient tools for augmenting the functionality of a traditional laptop, they are not always sufficient for completing your required activities. We suggest having access to a true laptop or desktop computer that meets at least the minimum specifications listed above.
    • Other Requirements
      Your online course may have additional learning opportunities which may require additional software and tools to help prepare for activities. It is a good idea to have the following list of additional tools available:
      • Microsoft Office 365 or similar office productivity applications
      • Acrobat Reader
      • Webcam for video chat (often built into computers)
      • Audio microphone (often built into computers)
      • Speakers (often built into computers)

Contact Information

Allison M. Plumb, Professor
Department of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences
1199 Haley Center
Auburn University, Alabama 36849-5232
Ph: 334-844-9608
Fax: 334-844-4585