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People before product: Maegan Moguel ’10 brings cultural experiences to Red Bull consumers


From the Atlanta Falcons to Porsche to Red Bull, Maegan Moguel has managed multimillion-dollar accounts, national brand deals and sold-out music performances. But it isn’t about the names or the profits for the Auburn public relations graduate, it’s about the people.

Currently the senior manager of culture marketing for the Deep South at Red Bull, Moguel coordinates events and partnerships that elevate the community while leveraging the company’s resources to create lasting experiences.

“From a PR perspective, you have to keep people first,” Moguel said. “We’ve gone virtual for a couple of years and trying to manage those different avenues and also create a lane for personal connection, and what I love about culture marketing, it is always people first, and what I love about working at Red Bull is that it’s about people.”

Moguel said Red Bull’s spirit of giving back has allowed her to create fun events like one-of-a-kind music and performance experiences that advance community and culture.

“What I’m allowed to do is be really empowered from a strategy and execution standpoint on connecting with the community and also creating experiences,” Moguel said. “With cultural marketing, we give you experiences, we give you emotion, we give you things that maybe money can’t buy.”

Moguel, a first-generation graduate of the College of Liberal Arts at Auburn University, completed her degree in just three years while working for Auburn Athletics. As a program assistant for football player development, she helped student athletes professionally and personally develop off the field.

Next, with assistance from her Auburn connections, Moguel moved to Atlanta to pursue an internship with the Atlanta Falcons. There, she applied what she’d learned at Auburn Athletics to a much larger scale. She approached each opportunity with the mindset that athletes are people first, not just celebrities, and helped to lift them up outside of their athletic ability.

After graduating, she returned to the Atlanta Falcons as a corporate partnerships associate, then was promoted to an account manager. In that role, she managed multimillion-dollar brand accounts and sponsorship deals. Along with a brief engagement with the Atlanta Braves, her career in professional sports utilized the communication and engagement skills she learned at Auburn.

Before coming to Red Bull, Moguel took a position at Porsche Cars North America and was tasked to build their U.S. brand partnerships department. She said her experience in athletics brought a new perspective, and after six successful years as Porsche’s strategic partnerships coordinator, Moguel was drawn to a new opportunity to engage with people in the community.

Moguel said the through line of her career has been engagement with people, and her position at Red Bull allows her to apply the skills she’s learned over the years to creating meaningful experiences.

“It truly is all of my career points melted together,” Moguel said. “I’m taking this people flow that I’ve learned in sports, I’m taking the structure and the business models that I’ve learned at Porsche, and now I’m using them to make a community impact at Red Bull, which is also a globally known brand. That’s what I love about my job right now.”

One upcoming event Moguel pitched when she came to Red Bull is the Red Bull Symphonic Atlanta, in which Rick Ross will collaborate with the Orchestra Noir for a performance. By combining the talent of the iconic rapper and a 50-piece, all Black-orchestra that blends classical and modern music, the Red Bull Symphonic Atlanta will celebrate the vibrant arts and culture community of the south on Nov. 4.

“It gives me chill bumps to think about the work that is going behind this, and this has been a year in the making, and to see all Black talent within the city of Atlanta showcased only makes it a stronger connection to the city’s diversity and the talent that’s coming out of Atlanta now,” Moguel said. “They call it the New Hollywood, but Atlanta has been standing on its own for a very long time with talent.”

Outside the office, Moguel gives back to the community she serves through Red Bull with philanthropic endeavors of her own. She’s heavily involved with Meals on Wheels Atlanta, which delivers meals and provides food security resources for senior citizens.

Moguel said giving lies at the center of her personal and professional life.

“My life comes before any brand I work for and having that foundation will always keep me grounded through any ups and downs,” Moguel said. “My community work is a way to give back to this beautiful earth and what it’s given me. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for the people around me who supported me.”

Moguel credits Auburn for where she is today and advises current public relations students to connect with their faculty and advisors while on the Plains.

“You can’t do it on your own, so the earlier you can grasp that, the better,” Moguel said. “Human relationships still matter. Make time in for in-person connections in everything you do. One thing that technology will not take over is human connection and personality, and as you are looking to build your next steps and figure out what your career is, putting the time in to connect with people is going to be super critical.”

For more information about public relations at Auburn University, visit here.

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