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Audiology student completes Schweitzer Fellowship Program

Abigail Weyerman

Audiology student Abigail Weyerman has completed her 13-month term as an Albert Schweitzer Fellow. Now as a Schweitzer Fellow for Life, Weyerman will continue her commitment to improve the public health of underserved communities throughout her career.

Under the mentorship of Erin Reynolds-Peacock, an audiologist and clinical lecturer in the Department of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences, Weyerman collaborated with local community resources to conduct hearing screenings. Individuals who did not pass the screening were then given a survey to assess stigma related to hearing loss. Individuals were provided referrals for further assessment and resources for reduced cost treatment.

Through this initiative, more than 40 individuals living with untreated hearing loss were identified, and a clinical placement for Doctor of Audiology students was established to serve individuals in rural Alabama. In addition, hearing aids were collected and refurbished and will continue to be provided to individuals in need at a reduced cost.

Weyerman was one of 21 graduate students from Alabama who spent their time immersed in community health projects from an array of disciplines including audiology, counseling, dentistry, medicine, nursing, pharmacy and social work. Alabama Schweitzer Fellows are competitively chosen from students enrolled in graduate and professional schools around the state, who demonstrate a passion for cultivating positive change in Alabama communities where the need is greatest.

Read more about Weyerman’s time as a Schweitzer Fellow.

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