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School of Communication & Journalism
Course Wait List

If you would like to take a course that is currently closed, please attempt to register for the class by entering the CRN# of the desired course.

If the class is closed when you attempt to register, you will receive a message that asks if you would like to be added to the Wait list. Please select “yes.”  You will then be added to the Wait List for that specific class only.

If you desire to be added to additional Wait Lists, you will need to follow the above procedure for each additional class.

The School of Communication and Journalism manages course wait lists, not by first-come, first-served basis, but on priority system determined by the student’s major, seniority and the number of hours completed in the major. We strongly encourage students to enroll in courses that have available seats before placing themselves on a closed course’s wait list. There is no guarantee that the School will be able to add additional seats in a course or open additional sections of a particular course to accommodate students who place themselves on a wait list.

The School of Communication and Journalism’s Wait List Priority System from the time registration closes until the day before classes start (in descending order of priority):

  1. Student signed course waitlist
  2. Student is a School major who is a confirmed graduating senior (graduating at the end of the current semester and enrolled in UNIV 4AA0 - LA1)
  3. Student is a School major who has the highest number of hours completed over the other majors on the waitlist
  4. Student is a School pre-major and has the highest number of completed hours over other pre-majors on the waitlist
  5. Student is a School minor and has the highest number of completed hours over other minors on the waitlist
  6. Non-School majors

For students who try to add School courses to their schedules on the first day of class, instructors will use the priority system listed above, as well as these factors:

  1. Space availability
  2. Attended first day of class
  3. Met course prerequisites

Note: Please download the form to your computer in order to sign the form.