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Department of Political Science
Meet Our Students

Meet some of our current MCP students and recent graduates and learn more about their work.

Scott Berson
Scott Berson is a 2020 graduate of the Master of Community Planner program. Scott believes that everyone, in every size city or town, is entitled to a high quality of life that puts their needs and interests first. Creating cities that serve everyone and reflect the diversity of our communities is at the forefront of planning. Prior to entering planning, he received a B.A. in Communication from Columbus State University and worked in local news as a reporter and photographer. Learn more about Scott and his work at

Indrani Das
Das is a December 2018 graduate of the Master of Community Planning at Auburn University. She completed her Bachelors in Business Administration from Independent University Bangladesh and a Master of Business Administration from University of Chittagong. Visit her ePortfolio to find out more and browse through examples of her academic work at

Jonathan Demirci
Jonathan Demirci is a second-year Community Planning graduate student and Graduate Research Assistant. He completed his undergraduate degree in Environmental Design at Auburn University as well, and utilizes the design and visual communication skills learned from this to tackle community planning issues and present solutions effectively. He hopes to take his knowledge from both his undergraduate study, as well as the valuable skills learned in the MCP program, to ensure the sustainability, longevity and quality of built environments around the world through work in the private consultancy field after graduation in December of 2022. View some of Jonathan’s works at

James Howell
The public professional's goal is the effective delivery of services that enrich and enable communities from all walks of life. Their work enables society to prosper through an educated and available citizenry. They endeavor to find and address the root causes of problems and then create alternatives. They are accountable. An ever-changing world means longevity and adaptability are bound together. Public servants recognize this to promote sustainable paths for their communities to thrive economically and socially. View Jay's ePortfolio at

Yuying Huang
With a bachelor's degree in Business English, but a love to challenge the unknown, Huang started a master's degree in a different subject area to gain design skills. During her two years at Auburn, she has excelled in GIS and quantitative methods classes, and also developed skills to become an outstanding planner. With the belief that K–12 education can drive regional economic development, she interned with Veritas Collegiate Academy in Fairfax, Virginia as an economic development consultant where she used GIS skills for the selection of a new school area. Huang was excited about this project and the skills gained that helped prepare her for her future planning career. Learn more about these projects at

AJ Kam
AJ (they/them), a graduate student in the Master of Community Planning Program, aspires to have a career where they can utilize design thinking - the systematic extraction, teaching, learning, and application of human-centered techniques - to innovatively address large social issues. Specifically, they design around the question, “How can we create spaces where people who want to be both supported and challenged in the collective pursuit of social equity feel a deep sense of belonging?” AJ has a specific interest in developing these spaces for BIPOC queer and trans folx. Learn more about AJ and their work at

Whitney Lee
Whitney Lee is currently enrolled in the Master of Community Planning program with an Economic Development Certification at Auburn University. She currently serves in many capacities in the community, such as the President of Women in Non-profit Foundation, AYP Committee Member with the Auburn Chamber, Kiwanis of Lee County Club, Co-leader for Neighborhood Outreach with Church of the Highlands, and VP of ICMA at Auburn University. She is dedicated to serving others in the community, from mentoring high school students to providing food and resources to families in need. Her motto is “Success is on the other side of service.” Learn more about Whitney at

DeAndra Navratil
Effective community planning has the power to transform communities with thriving citizens, successful businesses and beautiful environments. Everywhere she goes, whether the Czech Republic, India or Ohio, Navratil finds herself observing her surroundings and how it interacts with the people. This is what inspires her each and every day -- planning for the people, with the people. Learn more about DeAndra at

Davis Pemberton
Davis Pemberton is a second-year Community Planning graduate student. He completed his undergraduate degree in Environmental Design at Auburn University. He hopes to use his knowledge obtained through the MCP degree program towards rethinking or revitalizing the built environment,  enhancing the user experience, and emphasizing human-centric design through holistic approaches. He is particularly interested in transportation, mobility, and sustainability. He has worked on multiple city planning and urban design issues during his internship with Goodwyn, Mills & Cawood in Birmingham, AL. Learn more about his projects at 

Bree Robinson
Bree is a Fall 2020 graduate of the Master of Community Planning – Master of Public Administration Dual Degree program. She hopes to use her background in both public administration and planning to make a difference in local communities by engaging citizens throughout the planning process. Bree interned with Opelika Main Street before starting her current position as a Planning and Economic Development Specialist for Lee-Russell Council of Governments. Visit her ePortfolio to find out more and browse through examples of her work at