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The faculty and staff of our department are pleased that you have chosen to pursue your graduate studies in Spanish with us. In order to make your graduate career at Auburn University more pleasant and as "problem-free" as possible, we have written the following Handbook. We hope it will serve as a useful guide throughout your stay here. If, after reading this booklet, you still have unanswered questions, do not hesitate to contact the Graduate Director.

As a graduate student, your advisor will be Dr. Jordi Oliver. Please see him for matters pertaining to course requirements, comprehensive exams, graduate school deadlines and the like.

If you are also a teaching assistant, Mr. Ari Gutman, Coordinator of the Graduate Teaching Assistantship program, will be working closely with you concerning your teaching assignments. Please refer to him any questions concerning this aspect of your graduate program.

Statement from the Graduate Director

The Graduate Director administers and directs the academic aspects of your program. Either during the one-week registration period that is scheduled during the semester prior to the one for which you plan to enroll or during the one-day registration period immediately preceding the commencement of classes, he will be available to make appointments with you to discuss the various course offerings.

  • Together, the Graduate Director and you shall develop your plan of study based on your choice of one of the two Master's degree options.
  • During your first semester, you should determine whether you wish to write a Master's thesis or whether you prefer to follow a non-thesis option in which you may also take courses for up to a total of 6 hrs., at the graduate level in another field.
  • If you have not completed the equivalent of first year in another language, you should determine how you plan to fulfill this program requirement.
  • By the end of your first semester of graduate study, you must declare the Master's degree option of your choice and submit to the Graduate School a Plan of Study. (See section V. for more details.)

It is our hope and purpose, in offering you this multifaceted graduate program, that you will have a useful, enjoyable, and challenging academic experience and that, upon the conferral of your Master's degree, you will be well prepared to pursue the career of your choice.

Statement from the Coordinator of Teaching Assistants

Teaching assistants are provided with ample materials, training, and continued guidance in order to perform their teaching duties efficiently and well. There is typically a two-day orientation workshop where incoming graduate teaching assistants have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the textbook and instructional methodologies incorporated in the Elementary Spanish classroom here at Auburn University. The graduate teaching assistants and the Coordinator work together throughout the semester solving problems, providing mutual aid, and profiting from each other's experiences. Since teaching does require a considerable amount of time for outside preparation, graduate students should take no more than three courses during a semester in which they teach a three-hour course. This is in addition to enrollment in the mandatory one-credit FLSP 7090, Introduction to College-Level Spanish Teaching, during the training period.

During the training year, all Graduate Teaching Assistants will work with a mentor who teaches FLSP 1010 and/or 1020. While working with this mentor, the Graduate Teaching Assistant will have the following duties: a) daily observations of his/her mentor's class; b) weekly mini-lessons to develop teaching skills; c) tutoring of Elementary Spanish students at the Foreign Languages Multimedia Center; and d) weekly meetings with his/her mentor to go over lesson plans and grading of assignments.

In addition to their teaching duties, each Graduate Teaching Assistants will work (four hours a week) with a member of the Spanish faculty as an aide in teaching and/or research projects.

If you have any questions about the specific responsibilities involved in being a graduate teaching assistant, please call me at (334) 844-6243 or stop by my office in 6014 Haley Center. You may also contact me via e-mail at

Ari Gutman
Coordinator, First-Year Spanish



Last Updated: February 04, 2020