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Internships & Media Experiences

Potential employers know that graduates from the Auburn Journalism program have completed rigorous, and exciting internships with the top professionals in the media industry. Employers also know our students have worked for the some of the best student media outlets in the country. See below for the on-campus student media opportunities available and for the courses journalism majors can take to ensures AU graduates have hands-on journalism experience every year of their college careers.



Though not affiliated with the School of Communication and Journalism, student media outlets at Auburn University offer our majors many ways to gain practical experience.

  • The Auburn Plainsman - Auburn University’s award-winning student newspaper
  • WEGL - WEGL (91.1 FM) is Auburn University’s Class A, non-commercial FM College radio station.
  • Eagle Eye News - Eagle Eye News is a AU’s student television news organization.
  • The Glomerata - The Glomerata is Auburn University's annually circulated yearbook.
  • The Circle – The Auburn Circle is Auburn University’s literary/art/general interest magazine.
  • AU Sports Productions - Students interested in sports production can gain practical experience through Auburn University Athletics. 


The Communication and Journalism Practicum (CMJN 2910) is available to all majors in the School of Communication and Journalism. It provides students with practical knowledge in potential career fields through experiences in professional settings. The practicum is intended for students who have not completed the courses required for the senior level internship. The practicum is also designed for students who are looking to develop experiential learning opportunities beyond the internship. 

For more information please contact Prof. Ric Smith


The course provides an opportunity for students to work alongside media professionals, participate in a supervised journalism experience that focuses on gathering information, writing, editing, photography, design, online journalism, digital journalism, broadcast journalism, and/or sports information. Students may work at an Auburn student media outlet, a local media outlet or in sports information. It is a supervised media experience in a professional setting. Students gain work experience in the media fields of their choice so they will have work samples that they can use to apply for various internship opportunities. School approval required. 
Prerequisites: CMJN 2100, JRNL 1100 Minimum Grade of B, JRNL 2210 & JRNL 2310
For more information please contact Prof. Ric Smith


The professional internship is a supervised, closely monitored work experience. Students gain practical work experience in their field of interest to prepare for their careers. Students must work a minimum of 10 weeks in the summer, and 15 weeks in fall or spring semester, for 30 hours each week.  Students may work at a newspaper, television station, magazine, online publication, radio station or any other type of media outlet. The internship must take place in a structured professional environment with daily oversight by supervisors, who are strongly encouraged to provide frequent feedback. All internships must have prior approval. 
Prerequisites: CMJN 2100JRNL 1100 Minimum Grade of B, JRNL 2210JRNL 2310, one Group 1 Specialized Reporting course and one Group 2 Journalism Production course.
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For more information please contact Prof. Ric  Smith




Last Updated: March 18, 2020