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Department of Theatre & Dance
Minor in Theatre

Movies will make you famous; television will make you rich; but theatre will make you good. ~ Terrence Mann

The Minor in Theatre is a great option for students interested in theatre and looking for an option that has fewer requirements than one of our 5 major tracks. The minor allows you to either select a specific course of study (performance, design, etc.) or to take a variety of courses based on the student’s varied interests. In addition to prescribed coursework, theatre minors are invited to audition for shows, work/running costume crews, and participate in the life of the department as much as their schedules permit.


The Minor in Theatre consists of 15 credits, nine credits of which are electives. See a description of the theatre minor curriculum on AU Bulletin or check the curriculum sheet.

Admission to the Minor

Any interested student wishing to declare a theatre minor need to fill out an application at with Student Services. For more information, please contact theatre advisor Jonathan Hallford,