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Department of Theatre & Dance
Minor in Arts Administration

Our art, culture and creativity are some of our country's most valuable resources. They are evidence of our humanity, our ability to learn from our examined experience and our ability to imagine and innovate. ~ Dr. Maria Rosario Jackson, Chair of the National Endowment for the Arts

The Minor in Arts Administration prepares young artists to lead successful organizations that promote community, support artists, and practice fiscal responsibility. The minor offers a custom course of study that allows our students to practice and learn skills like accounting and finance, organizational management, creative problem-solving, communication and leadership alongside the pursuit of their major field of study. Specifically, the Arts Administration minor is a solid complement to degrees in the departments of Theatre and Dance, Music, and Art. 







The Minor in Arts Administration consists of 18 credits. See a description of the theatre minor curriculum on AU Bulletin or check the curriculum sheet.

Admission to the Minor

Any interested student wishing to declare a theatre minor need to fill out an application at with Student Services. For more information, please contact Sarah Chandler at