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The financial aid office is located in Mary Martin Hall. Packets to apply through the ACT Financial Aid Service are available in that office. All questions regarding financial aid should be directed to one of the counselors in Mary Martin Hall.

There are four types of financial aid available. These are scholarships, grants, loans, and part-time employment. Financial aid is acquired by applying through the ACT Financial Aid Service. In order to qualify for these programs you must demonstrate a financial need. Generally a package of several types of assistance is put together for needy students. The application process is described below.

The first step to getting University financial aid is visiting or calling the Office of Financial Aid in 203 Mary Martin Hall. The phone number is (334) 844-4723 outside Alabama and 800-392-8051 inside Alabama. Pick up a financial aid application packet from the office. Fill out the forms inside. Send the completed ACT Family Financial Statement. Please retain a copy of all forms for later reference. Also obtain a copy of your tax return for the year preceding the year of application.

ACT will evaluate your application in about four to six weeks. After that period they will send a Pell Grant Student Aid Report. Fill this out completely and take it to 203 Mary Martin Hall. If the Office of Financial Aid needs any more information, they will contact you. A couple of months after your original application was sent expect to get notification of acceptance or a letter of denial.

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Last Updated: May 04, 2012