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Department of Political Science
Frequently Asked Questions

What are the curricular requirements for a Public Administration degree?

To receive a Public Administration degree, a student must complete:

  • the University Core requirements (41 credits)
  • the foreign language requirement of the College of Liberal Arts (8 credits)
  • background “supporting” courses (6-9 credits)
  • the Public Administration major requirements (33-36 credits) 

Please see the Auburn Bulletin more information.


What are the major career choices and opportunities of Auburn Public Administration students?

Many of our graduates have pursued careers in government, primarily at the state and local levels. A significant percentage also continue their education in graduate programs; and a growing number have taken jobs with private businesses and nonprofit organizations.


What are the opportunities for financial aid?

You can apply for assistance from the University’s Financial Aid Office.


Is there an opportunity for internships?

While there is no requirement for an internship, students can take an internship as an elective.