Department of Political Science

Advisory Council

The Auburn University Health Administration program is guided by a prestigious group of industry leaders who serve as members of our Advisory Council. The purpose of the Advisory Council is to:

  • Extend meaningful connections with leaders in the field who wish to contribute to the development of future healthcare leaders through coaching, mentoring, and positively influencing students at all points of their careers.

  • Expand external relationships and awareness of the AU Health Services Administration Program through proactive engagement of leading industry professionals.

  • Identify emerging strategic healthcare issues, professional competencies, and learning opportunities that will help to shape program curriculum and both internal and external educational initiatives.

  • Promote dynamic collaboration among a broad cross-section of industry executives, faculty, and health alumni to ensure a strong program and well-prepared students.

    To accomplish this purpose, members of the Advisory Council:

  • Engage in thinking about trends in the health care field and skills/competencies being sought in the healthcare marketplace.

  • Participate as mentors preceptors, guest lecturers, adjunct faculty and in networking events.

  • Assist in identifying service learning opportunities, such as student projects, internships and residency sites.

Last Updated: July 10, 2019