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Graduate Certificates

Graduate Certificate in Election Administration

The Graduate Certificate in Election Administration is a 15 credit hour program within the Auburn University MPA Program. The certificate requirements include 3 required courses and 2 electives. One elective may be fulfilled by the demonstration of recognized accomplishment in the practice of election administration.

Required Classes
POLI-6270* Election Administration (3 credit hours)
POLI-6170* Election Law (3 credit hours)
POLI-6150* Intergovernmental Relations (3 credit hours)

Take 2 from List
POLI-6180* Administrative Law (3 credit hours)
POLI-6340* Theory and Practice of Mediation (3 credit hours)
POLI-6370* NonProfit Administration and Management (3 credit hours)
POLI-7050 State Politics (3 credit hours)
POLI-7330 Administrative Leadership, Responsibility, and Democratic Government (3 credit hours)
COMP-7970 Computer Engineering (special topic on electronic voting equipment) (3 credit hours)
Practice of Election Administration** (see below)

*Corresponding 5000-level classes taken as an undergraduate fulfill the Certificate requirement but do not count toward the 42 Graduate credits needed for the MPA.

**Practice of Election Administration:

Practitioners can use the following to fulfill one of the two electives:

a. Active professional certification as an election administrator or voter registrar through the CERA program conducted by The Election Center in partnership with the Auburn MPA Program; and

b. At least one presentation of professional work at a national or regional forum that is recognized by the field for its merit and contribution to the field of election administration and voter registration; examples include best practices and research findings.

Graduate Certificate in NonProfit Organizations and Community Governance

Required Classes
POLI-6370* NonProfit Administration and Management (3 credit hours)
POLI-6350* NonProfit Law and Governance (3 credit hours)
POLI-7920 Internship or POLI-7930 MPA Research Project (3 credits) -- must relate to NonProfit Organizations

Take 2 from List
POLI-6150* Intergovernmental Relations
POLI-6180* Administrative Law
POLI-6340* Mediation
POLI-6510* Race and Politics
POLI-7050 State Politics
POLI-7330 Administrative Leadership
POLI-7520 Program Evaluation

Graduate Minor in Economic Development

Minor Coordinator
Ms. Amelia Stehouwer, ECDI, 334-844-4704

Required Class
POLI-7700 Economic Development (only offered in Summer)
Attend first week of ECDI’s Professional Development Program

Other Classes
Two Economic Development classes outside home Department from following list:
Agricultural Economics & Rural Sociology
AGEC-7110 Agricultural Economic Development
RSOC-6610 Rural Sociology
RSOC-6640 Sociology of Community Development
RSOC-7620 Sociology of Community
RSOC-7650 Sociology of National Resources and the Environment

Business Administration & Economics
BUSI-7130 Strategic Analysis of the Competitive Environment
ECON-6100 Economics of Growth and Development
ECON-6200 Urban and Regional Economic Development
ECON-6600 Business and Economic Forecasting
ECON-6800 Government Spending and Taxation

Community Planning
CPLN-6000 History and Theory of Urban Form
CPLN-6100 Urban Design Methods
CPLN-6300 Real Property Development
CPLN-7430 Planning Law, Ethics, and Implementation

ADED-7640 Workforce Education
CTCT-6080 Coordination and Supervision of Work-based Learning
CTCT-7000 Foundations of Career and Technical Education
CTCT-7200 Career and Occupational Information

HIST-7530 Seminar in Southern Industrialization

*Corresponding 5000-level classes taken as an undergraduate fulfill the Certificate requirement but do not count toward the 42 Graduate credits needed for the MPA

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