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Department of Political Science
Outreach Initiatives

The Election Center

Faculty in the Department of Political Science conduct classes for The Election Center’s award-winning Professional Education Program, a joint effort of the Center and Auburn’s public administration faculty. The program offers college level instruction for professional growth and development of government officials in the elections and voter registration process. These classes are conducted in several locations throughout each year.

The Election Center is the election profession's premier organization for training and certification of election and voter registration administrators. The Center trains between 600 and 1,000 election and voter registration administrators every year.


Alabama City Year

Each year, the Master of Community Planning program selects an underserved community to work with. That community becomes the center of focus for projects in classes such as urban economics, land use planning, urban design, sustainable transportation planning, community development and historic preservation planning.

Students gain a deep and broad understanding of the issues in a city, while providing the city with invaluable information and ideas. Through numerous site visits and field trips with city planners, mayors, community groups and the public, students acquire extensive and valuable insight about the planning practice. They present their work in professional forums such as city council meetings and planning commission meetings to community groups, and through public participation processes.


Global Development Solutions Lab

The Global Development Solutions Lab is an interdisciplinary initiative at Auburn University that fosters global research, teaching and outreach. The mission of GDS is to promote sustainable community development, protect civic space and leverage the synergies between the disciplines of nonprofit studies, philanthropy and social work.