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Photo Gallery: 2023 Juried Fine Art Student Exhibition

Student artworks on the wall of Biggin Gallery

Biggin Gallery’s annual Juried Fine Art Student Exhibition features selected works by current art students, with an awards presentation featuring the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and a distinguished visiting juror.


Realistic painting of a woman holding a candle

 "Secluded Performance" by Mackenzie Boden


A photograph of a goat next to an oil painting of a grand canyon

 From left: "Boss Billy Goat" by John David Carcache and "Grand Erosion" by Elizabeth Preston


Pieces of multicolored coral suspended by wire

"Proximity" by Lynnsey Bodin


Acrylic painting of a nurse

 "Portrait of a modern nurse" by Kayti Reaves


Painting of a man wearing headphones with Bham State of Mind in stylized lettering

"Here is where you come to life" by Garrett Morris


Lantern with cat silhouettes cut into metal exterior

 "Soft Light" by Autumn Harless


Oil painting of a woman lying down in grass

 "Grass Withers" by Molly Werk


Steel helmet with light shining from inside

 "Familial Armor" By Skylar B. Park


Painting of Auburn's golden eagle

 "War Eagle" by Sarah Walker


Small clay statues of mountains

 "Reconcile" by Lynnsey Bodin


Colorful cardboard and acrylic sculpture of person with brain and heart

 "Intergalactic Void" by Zach Johnson 


Mixed media statue of rock, moss and glass

 "Forbidden Knowledge" by Skylar B. Park


Closeup of paper made from kudzu suspended from ceiling

 Closeup of cotton fiber paper with kudzu inclusions from "Kudzu: A Rooting Tendency of Outstretched Arms" by Chris Barraza


Find more information about the 2023 Juried Fine Art Student Exhibition.


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