Faculty Resources


Creating Syllabi

Links to CLA guidelines for syllabi and a editable syllabus template

Policies Relating to Teaching

Links to a variety of University policies, guidelines, and accompanying forms, including academic honesty, emergencies, directed studies, final exams, and class size

Office of Accessibility

Links to the websites for student registration and faculty guidelines to provide instructional access for students

FERPA Guidelines

Links to websites about Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, covering issues such as students’ rights to privacy, paper and online copyrights, and vendor contact

Student eHandbook

Link to a handbook that contains guidelines and policies relating to students’ rights and obligations

Proposing New Courses

Link to CLA guidelines for preparing new course proposals, including the appropriate forms

Units Providing Teaching Support

Links to websites providing information and materials related to teaching

Resources from RBD Library

Links to the media and digital resource lab, instructional support for certain classes, and subject guides and subject librarians

Teaching and Advising Awards from CLA (aka PETL)

Links to descriptions of teaching and advising awards given by the College

Distance Education

Links to information about distance education at Auburn University

Last Updated: November 01, 2016