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Professional and Public Writing

The English-Professional and Public Writing track at Auburn seeks to provide students with key skills for writing in various fields that place a high priority on skilled communication, whether in business or in the non-profit sector, including editing and design, education, and the law.

As Professional and Public Writing majors, students study rhetoric and argumentation at an advanced level, and take at least one advanced course in linguistics. The combination of rhetoric and linguistics provides students with powerful ways to understand (and create) effective written communication, to understand how language works, and to improve both their own writing and that of others. The courses combine theoretical learning with practical application, preparing Professional and Public Writing majors to engage effectively with the wide variety of communications encountered in the professional world.

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Last Updated: October 13, 2016

English-Professional and Public Writing Track (36 credit hours)

  • At least 18 hours must be completed at Auburn.
  • At least 18 hours must be at the 4000-level or above.
  • No more than 6 hours may be at the 2000 level.
  • Effective Fall 2014, students must earn a ‘C’ or better in any course counted toward the English major.


Gateway Course: 2010 Introduction to Professional Writing (3 hours)

Major Core (9 hours)

  • Group I: Globalism, Sustainability and Diversity Course (3)
    • 3710 Survey of African American Literature
    • 3850 Study in London
    • 3870 World English Literature
    • 4160 Technology, Literacy and Culture
    • 4450 Topics in African‐American Literature
    • 4710 Topics in Gender and Literature
    • 4720 Topics in Minority Voices and Literature
    • 4740 Environment, Literature and Culture
  • Group II: Linguistics Course (3)
    • 3110 Survey of Linguistics
    • 4140 Language Variation
    • 4150 Topics in Language Study
    • 4160 Technology, Literacy and Culture
    • 5410 History of the English Language
  • 4000‐level Literature Course (3)

Major Track (15 hours)

  • Rhetoric Course (3)
    • 3120 Survey of Rhetoric
    • 4180 Rhetorical Theory and Practice
  • Technical and Professional Communication Course (3)
    • 4020 Technical and Professional Editing
    • 4030 Document Design in Technical and Professional Communication
  • Upper‐Division Writing Course (3)
    • 3040 Technical Writing
    • 3080 Business Writing
    • 4000 Advanced Composition
  • Technology and Writing Course (3)
    • 4010 Topics in Writing
    • 4160 Technology, Literacy and Culture
    • 4040 Public Writing
  •  Capstone Course: 4810 Capstone in Professional Writing (3)

Major Electives (9 hours)

Three additional English courses, at least two of which must be at the 3000-level or above

Last Updated: September 12, 2014



  • Diana Eidson

    Diana Eidson

    Assistant Professor
    Rhetorical history, rhetorical theory, cultural rhetorics, composition pedagogy, literacy studies
    (334) 844-9092
    9092 Haley Center
  • Leigh Gruwell

    Leigh Gruwell

    Assistant Professor
    Digital and Multimodal Rhetorics, Feminist Rhetorics, Research Methodologies, and Composition Theory
    (334) 944-9086
    9086 Haley Center
  • Charles Lesh

    Charles Lesh

    Assistant Professor
    Spatial Rhetorics, Public Writing, Research Methodologies, and Rhetorical Genre Studies

    9094 Haley Center
  • Margaret Marshall

    Margaret Marshall

    Professor and Director of University Writing
    rhetoric and composition; writing and literacy pedagogy; teacher education; nineteenth century American public discourse; writing in the disciplines
    (334) 844-7474
    3436 RBD Library
  • Michelle Sidler

    Michelle Sidler

    Associate Professor
    Rhetoric and Composition, computer-mediated composition, rhetorical theory
    (334) 844-9040
    8076 Haley Center
  • Frank Walters

    Frank Walters

    Associate Professor
    Composition and rhetoric, nonfiction prose, technical and professional communication
    (334) 844-9012
    9012 Haley Center

Technical & Professional Communication

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