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Professorial Faculty by Area of Interest

  • Paula Backscheider

    Paula Backscheider

    Philpott-Stevens Eminent Scholar
    Restoration and eighteenth-century literature, feminist criticism, performance studies, and cultural studies
    (334) 844-9091
    9082 Haley Center
  • Alicia Carroll

    Alicia Carroll

    Associate Professor
    Nineteenth-Century British Literature and Culture; Green Cultural Studies
    (334) 844-9058
    9058 Haley Center
  • Emily Friedman

    Emily Friedman

    Associate Professor
    Eighteenth-century British literature and culture, the novel, history of the book, textual criticism
    (334) 844-9002
    9002 Haley Center
  • Chris Keirstead

    Chris Keirstead

    Professor/Assistant Chair for Instructors
    Nineteenth-century British literature and culture; poetry; Dickens; genre studies; travel writing
    (334) 844-9072
    9072 Haley Center
  • Don Wehrs

    Don Wehrs

    Hargis Professor of English Literature
    The novel, eighteenth-century British literature, critical theory
    (334) 844-9056
    9056 Haley Center
  • Diana Eidson

    Diana Eidson

    Assistant Professor
    Rhetorical history, rhetorical theory, cultural rhetorics, composition pedagogy, literacy studies
    (334) 844-9092
    9092 Haley Center
  • Leigh Gruwell

    Leigh Gruwell

    Assistant Professor
    Digital and Multimodal Rhetorics, Feminist Rhetorics, Research Methodologies, and Composition Theory
    (334) 944-9086
    9086 Haley Center
  • Charles Lesh

    Charles Lesh

    Assistant Professor
    Spatial Rhetorics, Public Writing, Research Methodologies, and Rhetorical Genre Studies
    (334) 844-9094
    9094 Haley Center
  • Margaret Marshall

    Margaret Marshall

    Professor and Director of University Writing
    rhetoric and composition; writing and literacy pedagogy; teacher education; nineteenth century American public discourse; writing in the disciplines
    (334) 844-7474
    3436 RBD Library
  • Michelle Sidler

    Michelle Sidler

    Associate Professor
    Rhetoric and Composition, computer-mediated composition, rhetorical theory
    (334) 844-9040
    8076 Haley Center
  • Frank Walters

    Frank Walters

    Associate Professor
    Composition and rhetoric, nonfiction prose, technical and professional communication
    (334) 844-9012
    9012 Haley Center

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