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May 28, 2010





A Time-Series Analysis of U.S. Kidney Transplantation and the Waiting List: Donor Substitution Effects and "Dirty Altruism"




T. Randolph Beard
John D. Jackson
David Kaserman
Hyeongwoo Kim





May 28, 2010



Bias Correction and Out-of-Sample Forecast Accuracy



Hyeongwoo Kim
Nazif Durmaz





May 28, 2010



VECM Estimations of the PPP Reversion Rate Revisited: The Conventional Role of Relative Price Adjustment Restored


Hyeongwoo Kim




September 03, 2010


Demographic Change, Macroeconomic Conditions, and the Murder Rate: The Case of the United States, 1934 to 2006


John M. Nunley
Richard A. Seals Jr.
Joachim Zietz






October 26, 2010





What Drives Commodity Prices?




Shu-Ling Chen
John D. Jackson
Hyeongwoo Kim
Pramesti Resiandini





October 26, 2010



Energy Substitution, Production, and Trade in the US


Henry Thompson







November 11, 2010





Internet Use and Job Search




T. Randolph Beard
George S. Ford
Richard P. Saba
Richard A. Seals Jr.





December 24, 2010



Examining the Evidence of Purchasing Power Parity by
Recursive Mean Adjustment


Hyeongwoo Kim
Young-Kyu Moh



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