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January 25, 2011





Hysteresis vs. Natural Rate of US Unemployment




Ka Ming Cheng
Nazif Durmaz
Hyeongwoo Kim
Michael Stern





February 2, 2011



Purchasing Power Parity and the Taylor Rule


Hyeongwoo Kim
Masao Ogaki



March 21, 2011

Cognitive Ability and the Division of Labor  in Urban Ghettos: Evidence from Gang Activity in U.S. Data

Richard Alan Seals Jr.




April 7, 2011



Spillover Effects of the US Financial Crisis on Financial Markets in Emerging Asian Countries


Bong-Han Kim
Hyeongwoo Kim




April 7, 2011


Reassessing the Link between the Japanese Yen and Emerging Asian Currencies

Bong-Han Kim
Hyeongwoo Kim
Hong-Ghi Min



June 22, 2011


The Impact of Macroeconomic Conditions on Property Crime

John M. Nunley
Richard A. Seals Jr.
Joachim Zietz






July 13, 2011





On the Time-Varying Relationship between Closed-End Fund Prices and Fundamentals: Bond vs. Equity Fund


Seth Anderson
T. Randolph Beard
Hyeongwoo Kim
Liliana Stern





August 1, 2011



The Impact of Institutions and Development on Happiness

Duha T. Altindag
Junyue Xu




August 8, 2011


Does Bill Co-sponsorship Affect Campaign Contributions?: Evidence from the U.S. House of Representatives, 2000-2008

Shaun M. Tanger
Richard Alan Seals Jr.
David N. Laband


August 12, 2011

Investment in Cleaner Technology and Signaling Distortions in a Market with Green Consumers

Aditi Sengupta






August 23, 2011





Fear and Closed-End Fund Discounts: Investor Sentiment Revisited



Seth Anderson
T. Randolph Beard
Hyeongwoo Kim
Liliana Stern







September 26, 2011





The US Tourism Trade Balance and Exchange Rate Shocks



Ka Ming Cheng
Hyeongwoo Kim
Henry Thompson



October 3, 2011

Crime and Unemployment: Evidence from Europe

Duha T. Altindaga



October 25, 2011


Child-Custody Reform and the Division of Labor in the Household

John M. Nunley
Richard A. Seals Jr.


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