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Media Studies


Media Studies uses a variety of research methods (including criticism, history and uses) and artistic production (filmmaking, scriptwriting and visual communication).

The Media Studies curriculum is designed to foster an appreciation, awareness and understanding of content and messages, origins, evolution, interrelations and processes of the mass media industries including:

  • the critical, historical, cultural and theoretical foundations;
  • creative and commercial contexts; 
  • the sociocultural, psychological and political impact on audiences;
  • visual and cultural literacy;
  • basic writing, design, production and technological skills; and
  • professional experience and contacts via the internship program. 
Visual Media track within Media Studies

The Visual Media track provides students with the conceptual framework, historical context and technical skills necessary for the production of digital artworks and the effective use of digital communication. Through the creative application of technology, students will learn to produce projects which fall within traditional media, including documentary and narrative film, and within new media, including interactive media for the web. The computer will be treated as both a tool and a site for creative exploration. In the tradition of the liberal arts, ideas will be considered as important as the techniques and tools used to express them. 

The Visual Media Track addresses the necessity of teaching students how to express ideas by means of digital images, whether by film, television, the Internet or mobile devices. This will prepare them for jobs in a global community in which an ever-increasing variety of media formats are used to visually convey ideas and information across an ever-increasing number of fields.

The Visual Media track is designed to provide students the necessary foundation for a wide variety of jobs in digital media, including careers in interactive Web design, filmmaking, motion graphics design, and related fields that involve digital image production, design, display and exhibition.


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Last Updated: August 24, 2018