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Diversity in Our Curriculum

Diversity at Auburn University encompasses the whole of human experience and includes such human qualities as race, gender, ethnicity, physical ability, nationality, age, religion, sexual orientation, economic status, and veteran status. These and other socially and historically important attributes reflect the complexity of our increasingly diverse student body, local community, and national population.

Our school affirms the value of a diversity of viewpoints and ideas. We strive to recognize, reflect, celebrate, and learn about diversity to promote growth and understanding. We recognize that inclusion is essential to learning. We strive to create an inclusive curriculum and intentionally incorporate diversity into our courses.

See the AU Bulletin for a complete description of courses and related prerequisites.

These courses include:

  • CMJN 2100: Concepts in Communication and Journalism
  • CMJN 3650/3653: Rhetoric of Sports
  • CMJN 4340: Mass Communication and Family
  • CMJN 4400/4403: Gender Communication
  • CMJN 4430: Sports, Media and Society
  • CMJN 5100: CMJN Study Abroad
  • COMM 1000: Introduction to Public Speaking
  • COMM 3450/3453: Intercultural Communication
  • COMM 3970: Special Topics - Communication in the Global Workplace
  • COMM 4100/4103: Communication Strategies of Social Movements
  • COMM 5450/5453: Communication and Immigration
  • JRNL 3103: Global Journalism and Media Systems
  • JRNL 3530: Sports Reporting
  • JRNL 4230: Advanced Reporting 
  • JRNL 4410/4413: Journalism History
  • JRNL 4470: Advanced Magazine and Feature Writing
  • JRNL 4870: Community Journalism
  • JRNL 4970: Special Topics - Magazine and Feature Writing Religion, Politics and Race
  • JRNL 4979: Special Topics - Media, Race, and Vulnerable Populations
  • MDIA 3300: Foundation of Media Studies
  • MDIA 3320: Gender and Sexuality in Media
  • MDIA 3370: Global Media
  • MDIA 3750: Race and American Film History
  • MDIA 4210: Popular Culture Studies
  • MDIA 4220: Women and Mass Media 
  • MDIA 4280: Diversity Issues and the Mass Media 
  • MDIA 4370: Media and Religion
  • PRCM 3080: International Public Relations 
  • PRCM 3090: PR in the Political Process



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