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Diversity and Inclusion

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The Auburn University School of Communication & Journalism recognizes the importance of both reflecting and teaching diversity and strives to ensure inclusion in the makeup of its faculty, staff, and students. Our diversity mission and mission statements and strategic plan were revised and updated in 2017 to reflect our commitment to diversity and inclusion. Our efforts are linked with those of the College of Liberal Arts and the University as well as the criteria of the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications.  Download School Diversity Plan document.

Definition of Diversity

The School of Communication and Journalism supports Auburn University’s definition of diversity and its commitment to inclusion.

Diversity at Auburn University encompasses the whole of human experience and includes such human qualities as race, gender, ethnicity, physical ability, nationality, age, religion, sexual orientation, economic status, and veteran status. These and other socially and historically important attributes reflect the complexity of our increasingly diverse student body, local community, and national population.

Our school affirms the value of a diversity of viewpoints and ideas. We strive to recognize, reflect, celebrate, and learn about diversity to promote growth and understanding.


As a School of Communication and Journalism, we understand that the open expression of ideas is vital to the success of our program, our students and society at large. That open exchange, however, must also include diverse and varied perspectives for it to truly represent our community. With that understanding, it is the mission of the School of Communication and Journalism to foster an environment that is inclusive of all, regardless of background, experience, philosophy, or status. This goal of inclusion extends not only to faculty and staff that we employ but in our instructional, research, outreach, and service activities. Only by encouraging and nurturing participation from and engagement with all members of our community can our school truly embrace the mission of Auburn University as a land-grant institution, to serve the citizens of our state, as well as our broader goal of being a vital and dynamic member of the global education and research community.

Why Diversity Matters

Diversity is central to the mission of the School of Communication and Journalism and its goals of teaching, scholarship, service, and outreach. We recognize that as communicators, the perspectives one has, the questions one asks, and the audience one reaches are often related to the background, experience, and outlook of those communicating. Embracing diversity is then essential for fostering an environment in which students, faculty, and staff with unique viewpoints and backgrounds share their voices. Exposure to different voices is also important in preparing students to live in a global and multicultural world.


The School of Communication and Journalism, recognizing the value of diversity and inclusion for all faculty, staff, students and the media professionals and scholars, updated our Diversity Strategic Plan in 2016-17. The School endorses the goals of the Auburn University Strategic Diversity Plan, which was adopted July 2005 and revised March 2015. In addition, specific goals and strategies are outlined in our School Diversity Plan

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