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Embracing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

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Our Purpose

Each of us are interconnected because of our humanity. The students and faculty in the Auburn University School of Communication and Journalism (CMJN) represent the cultural mosaic landscape of the United States and the world. When students come to Auburn University, they bring their ethnicity, heritage, intelligence, uniqueness, and talent.

The intensification of racial, religious, and gender injustice in society continuously informs the need to foster diversity and meaningful inclusion of the diverse perspectives in our classroom environments and curriculum.

CMJN acknowledges the diversity, equity, and inclusion of students representing all cultural, international, ethnic, and domestic communities is essential to bringing students together rather than dividing them. Learning about the diversity of the United States and global cultural traditions also prepares students for success in the professional fields of communication, journalism, media studies and public relations. Each discipline is critical to telling the narrative about everyday life in the contexts of each person’s life.

Our Mission

As a school of communication and journalism, we understand that the open expression of ideas is vital to the success of our program, our students and society at large. That open exchange, however, must also include diverse and varied perspectives for it to truly represent our community. With that understanding, it is the mission of the Auburn University School of Communication and Journalism to foster an environment that is inclusive of all, regardless of background, experience, philosophy, or status.

This goal of inclusion extends not only to our faculty and staff but also in our instructional, research, outreach, and service activities. Only by encouraging and nurturing participation from and engagement with all members of our community can our school truly embrace the mission of Auburn University as a land-grant institution to serve the citizens of our state, as well as our broader goal of being a vital and dynamic member of the global education and research community.

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Last Updated: September 27, 2021