Women's Studies

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Women's Studies Program at Auburn University

In Auburn's Women's Studies program, you will have the opportunity to study how women’s studies has evolved and affected viewpoints within the academic world and in wider communities; learn feminist approaches to academics, including the place of personal experience and activism in the study of women; appreciate the diversity of feminist thought and female experience; analyze the intersections of gender, race, class, sexuality, and spirituality in the lives of women; reflect critically on the various points of view presented; and communicate effectively both orally and in writing.

Courses within the minor will provide you with the framework and tools necessary to accomplish these goals. The WMST 2100: Introduction to Women's Studies course will introduce you to the academic field of Women’s Studies and will encourage you to think critically and develop an independent evaluation of the complex issues involved in the field. In addition, the WMST 5980 capstone course approaches feminism as a multiplicity of perspectives and approaches to the understanding of women's position in culture. Readings then will be as diverse as feminism itself and should give you a broad and deep understanding of the diversity of feminist thought and the historical and critical role feminist thought has played in a variety of disciplinary approaches to the study of women and culture.

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