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Meghan Buchanan

Meghan Buchanan

Meghan Buchanan


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About Meghan Buchanan
Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Dr. Meghan Buchanan’s archaeological research on Mississippian societies of the Midwest and Southeast has focused on the consequences of warfare associated with the rise and fall of these complex polities. In particular, she is interested in exploring how warfare impacted the daily practices of Mississippian peoples as they had to contend with long term threats of violence, food uncertainty, and restricted access to resources. Dr. Buchanan directed excavations at the Common Field site in Missouri and supervised projects at Cahokia Mounds (western Illinois), Kincaid Mounds (southern Illinois), and the Dead Man’s Curve site (southwest Indiana). Dr. Buchanan’s research draws on the analysis of ceramic and zooarchaeological from excavated contexts as well as remotely sensed data (magnetometry and lidar). Her future research plans include continuing to explore the intersections between warfare and daily life in other parts of the southeast. She recently co-authored an article on violence and decapitation in the International Journal of Osteoarchaeology and her chapter on warfare at the Common Field site appears in Tracing the Relational: The Archaeology of Worlds, Spirits, and Temporalities, a volume she co-edited.  

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