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Elay Shech

Elay Shech

Elay Shech



  • Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh, HPS

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  • Tuesday 5:00-6:00
  • Thursday 5:00-6:00

About Elay Shech
Assistant Professor

Dr. Shech is interested in philosophy of physics, philosophy of science, philosophy of mathematics, and history of philosophy, as well as issues in biomedical and environmental ethics. His work primarily concerns the nature and role of idealizations and representations in the sciences and, more specifically, in condensed matter physics. Among his papers are: “Two Approaches to Fractional Statistics in the Quantum Hall Effect: Idealizations and the Curious Case of the Anyon” Forthcoming in Foundations of Physics, “Scientific Misrepresentation and Guides to Ontology: The Need for Representational Code and Contents” Forthcoming in Synthese, “What is the ‘Paradox of Phase Transitions?’” Philosophy of Science, 80 (December 2013): 1170–1181, and “On Gases in Boxes: A Reply to Davey on the Justification of the Probability Measure in Boltzmannian Statistical Mechanics” Philosophy of Science, 80 (October 2013): 1-13.

Last Updated: January 16, 2018