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Support the College of Liberal Arts on Tiger Giving Day 2024

Tiger Giving Day

Tiger Giving Day, Auburn University's annual crowdfunding initiative, will be held Wednesday, April 10. The College of Liberal Arts needs your support to expand our clinic offerings and establish a community journalism initiative.

Provide life-saving care for people with eating disorders

Eating disorders are among the deadliest mental health disorders, yet evidence-based treatment is scarce across the state.

The newly established Auburn University Eating Disorders Clinic (AEDC) is one of the only clinics in Alabama that provides specialized, high-quality treatment. The AEDC hopes to expand its client base – of which there is a waitlist – to provide more therapy services to children, teens and adults. Led by expert researchers and clinicians, the AEDC supports clients across diverse backgrounds to create a safe space for healing.

By employing more graduate students and providing financial support for clients through Tiger Giving Day, the AEDC will help more people at a reduced cost for the individual or family in therapy.

Build a sensory gym for children at the speech and hearing clinic

The Auburn University Speech and Hearing Clinic seeks to serve more patients by building a sensory gym for children in testing and treatment.

A sensory gym allows children to engage their senses, which leads to successful speech and language sessions development and allows clients who previously had occupational therapy feel more comfortable transitioning to speech therapy with a sensory plan.

As the Speech and Hearing Clinic also tracks babies born prematurely that are at risk for hearing loss and other developmental delays, the sensory gym will serve as the foundation for future motor skills testing and treatment.

Increase access to clinical services for children with autism

One in 36 children are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, but the number of families who can access and afford quality treatment is much lower.

The Auburn University Psychological Services Center (AUPSC) and the Center for Autism, Research, Treatment and Training (CARTT) need your support to expand its services and reach. AUPSC and CARTT provide assessment, early behavioral intervention services, caregiver training, testing and more. As one of the few licensed providers in the Auburn-Opelika area, AUPSC and CARTT serve more than 100 families in person and via telehealth.

With your support, AUPSC and CARTT can alleviate the financial burden families face when seeking high-quality services for their children with autism and help more families connect with the services they need.

Support community storytelling in east Alabama

In October, east Alabama will become a newspaper desert, leaving communities without vital coverage of important issues.

The Rural Alabama Community Journalism Project will send students into these communities in need to tell their stories. Students will publish those stories on a digital Auburn Journalism platform, so that families in the newspaper deserts can access stories important to their communities.

This project will also provide training for high school students to find and report important and untold stories to further foster community storytelling.

Update your information and prepare to make your gift at the Tiger Giving Day website.

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