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Auburn professor explores benefits of hearing aids on interconnected aspects of physical, cognitive functioning

Dr. Razan Al Fakir’s project will focus on conscious movement processing, gaze behavior and anxiety-related fear of falling.

Razan Al Fakir

Dr. Razan Al Fakir, assistant professor in Auburn University’s Department of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences, will investigate the benefits of hearing aids in individuals with age-related hearing loss.

The project secured $151,856 in funding from the Hearing Industry Research Consortium, made up of researchers from top hearing aid manufacturers, which supports research projects that benefit the hearing aid industry and its customers.

Understanding the intricate relationship between age-related hearing loss, conscious movement processing, fall-related anxiety and motor actions is crucial for developing targeted interventions to enhance mobility, safety and overall well-being in older adults. The findings from this study may offer complementary interventions to improve the quality of life and promote healthier aging in this population.

"From my early years, I have been fascinated by the intricate workings of the human ear and its essential role in hearing and balance,” said Al Fakir. “This fascination has driven me to embark on unique academic paths, pursuing a medical degree in otolaryngology and audiological degrees. This journey intensifies my commitment to making meaningful contributions to the field of audiology.”

Al Fakir’s project will be completed in the Auditory, Balance and Mobility Capability (ABILITY) Research Lab at Auburn. The ABILITY Lab explores the harmony of sound, balance and movement to enrich the life experience of individuals with hearing loss.

Learn more at the Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences website.

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