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Department of Economics
5 Reasons to Study Economics

Thinking about a career in the field of economics? Here are five reasons to study economics at Auburn University.

  1. We provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how markets work. By doing so, we train your mind to think and make decisions analytically, strategically, and pragmatically.
  2. Economics majors have excellent marketable and profitable career options. High paying entry-level positions can be found in government, industry, and research organizations.
  3. Economics is an excellent foundation for graduate school. You can pursue a master's or PhD in economics or finance, attend law school, or obtain an MBA.
  4. We have a low student-faculty ratio. This means you receive personalized attention in an open, inclusive, and professional environment.
  5. There are numerous internship (academic and non-academic) opportunities, and we have an extremely helpful alumni network that will promote and advocate for you.