Department of Economics

MS Economics Degree Requirements

Required Core Courses

Masters students are required to complete the following nine core courses. Transferring credit hours from other peer institutions is allowed only in exceptional cases.



First Year



Second Year


Fall Semester

Spring Semester

Fall Semester


Econ 7130

Mathematical Economics


Econ 7120

Microeconomics II


Econ 7220

Macroeconomics II

Econ 7110

Microeconomics I

Econ 7210

Macroeconomics I

Econ 7330


Econ 7310

Econometrics I

Econ 7320

Econometrics II

Econ 7340



Students must take 3 hours of electives at the 6000-level or above in consultation with the Director of Graduate Studies. The core curriculum and the electives combine for a minimum of 30 total semester hours.

Comprehensive Examinations

Students must achieve satisfactory (MS level pass) on 3 comprehensive examinations in microeconomics, macroeconomics, and econometrics. Only one retake is permitted on each exam. Please note that there is no thesis required.

Time Limit

All graduate work toward a master’s degree must be completed within a period of five calendar years.

Last Updated: November 19, 2014