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School of Aviation

Since the Wright Brother's first flight in 1903, aviation has continued to transform the global landscape by connecting nations, economies, and cultures.

Auburn University, then known as Alabama Polytechnic Institute (API), began teaching aviation administration courses in the 1920s. In 1939, API bought the Auburn University Regional Airport to participate in the Civilian Pilot Training Program, which prepared pilots for aerial combat in WWII. After the war, API retained the aviation programs that have grown into one of the longest continually operated flight programs in the nation. 

With an eye to the future in preparing aviation leaders that will shape the next century of flight, Auburn's aviation program consists of two degrees. The Aviation Management degree prepares students interested in the business knowledge needed for success in the airline and aviation industries, empathizing general management and comprehensive understanding of all aspects of aviation operations. In contrast, the Professional Flight degree provides a solid foundation of aeronautical knowledge and piloting skills expected by professional aviation organizations and necessary for success in the aviation industry.

Auburn University's aviation team takes a holistic, interdisciplinary approach to aviation education and research. A strong sense of community and passion is evident among our 4,000+ aviation alumni who are well known for their positive contributions in all aviation industry fields and who consistently return as proud alumni to share their experiences with the next generation of students.

Auburn University has been actively involved in aviation education for over 80 years and is centrally located in Alabama and well connected to a hub of world-class aviation headquarters and organizations throughout the United States.