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Samia I. Spencer Annual Creative Mentorship Award for 2021

The Samia I. Spencer Annual Creative Mentorship Award in the College of Liberal Arts encourages and recognizes the special efforts of the Women’s and Gender Studies affiliate faculty who take an interest in the life and development of Women’s and Gender Studies students, through mentoring that extends beyond the classroom and degree curricula. It jointly rewards a faculty member and a student for their creative collaboration and scholarly collaboration.

To be eligible for this award:

The faculty candidate must be an affiliate of the Women’s and Gender Studies Program. The student candidate must be an undergraduate or graduate student who has declared the Women’s and Gender Studies minor and is making progress toward its completion. The faculty candidate must have a tangible mentoring relationship with the student candidate, and the focus of their work together must be the student’s extracurricular development of intellectual curiosity through research on issues related to women and gender. The research project can stem from coursework or curricula, but the mentoring relationship needs to move beyond the classroom instructor-student relationship and/or degree program advisor-student relationship.

The student and faculty member should prepare an application packet consisting of:

  • A letter from the student describing the research project and the mentoring relationship.
  • A letter from the faculty member describing the research project and the mentoring relationship.
  • Materials that correlate to the research project and the mentorship relationship, such as the student’s C.V. indicating any relevant academic activities, including conference presentations and publications or performances and installations.

The application packet should be sent via email attachment to the Director of Women’s Studies, Dr. Arianne Gaetano (amg0028@auburn.edu) and received by 12:00pm on February 1, 2021. A Selection Committee will be appointed by the Director. Awardees will be recognized at the annual business meeting and award ceremony.

The annual award totals $5000, with $2500 being awarded to the selected faculty member and $2500 to the chosen student. If the selected application includes multiple faculty members or students, $2,500 will be split evenly among eligible faculty members and $2,500 among the eligible students. Each award is for one academic year. Previous recipients may be eligible for this award again after three years from the date of receipt.


Last Updated: November 18, 2020