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The 2018 National Women’s Studies Association (NWSA) conference was held in Atlanta at the Hilton Hotel and Conference Center. The theme for the 2018 year was “Just Imagine. Imagining Justice: Feminist Vision of Freedom, Dream Making and the Radical Politics of Futures.” The conference provided an opportunity for Auburn’s Women’s Studies affiliates and students to see the newest research and feminist ideas. Auburn University’s Women’s Studies Program offers travel funds to affiliates and their students who wish to attend conferences in the field of feminism, women, and gender studies if they are presenting. One Women’s Studies professor, Dr. Tal Peretz, and three Women’s Studies students, Mona Jamil, Maggie Lester, and Bri Thomas not only attended the conference but presented on multiple topics pertinent to feminisms.


Dr. Tal Peretz gave a conference talk titled “35 years after Andrea Dworkin’s ‘I Want a 24-hour truce during which there is no rape,” which was part of panel where he helped bring together a diverse group of scholars to offer multiple visions of a future without rape. He also moderated a talk titled “Dominant masculine populism and Feminization of Politics in Podemo” which focused on the Spanish political party Podemos and the gender informed interpretation of democratic renewal.


In addition, Women’s Studies students Mona Jamil, Maggie Lester, and Bri Thomas, co-presented a panel with Dr. Peretz called “Engaging Undergraduate Students through Individualized Term Projects.” This panel focused on feminist pedagogy stemming from a class assignment in the Introduction to Women’s Studies course at Auburn University.


Mona Jamil presented, “I Don’t Eat Pork: Muslim Women’s Comedy” where she disuses the intersectionality of her upbringing through an engaging comedy routine.

Maggie Lester presented, “Our Story: An Online Coming Out Resource.” Maggie created a website that provides a safe place for members of the LGBTQ+ community to discuss their coming out stories.

Bri Thomas presented, “Black Womanhood: a Podcast and Critical Celebration” in which she discussed her podcast’s focus on intersectionality through the experiences of four Black women at Auburn University.


All presentations were well attended and helped bring new ideas from Auburn University’s Women’s Studies program to national platforms. For more information about applying for the Travel Fund please read https://cla.auburn.edu/womensstudies/resources/travel-funds-procedure1/, and for more information about our minors program please look here https://cla.auburn.edu/womensstudies/womens-studies-minor/.

Last Updated: January 16, 2019