Women's and Gender Studies

Undergraduate Minor Curriculum

The Women’s and Gender Studies (WMST) minor consists of 15 credit hours total, with a minimum of 9 credit hours at the 3000 level or above. If any courses are applied to the student’s major, they cannot count for the minor. In addition to two required courses, students will select any three elective courses from the approved list below. Online and Honors sections of these courses will also satisfy requirements for the minor. Additional courses approved for cross-listing toward the Women’s and Gender Studies minor may be offered occasionally. These courses, which are exceptions to the list below, will be indicated on the Courses by Semester list on our website.

For more information about the minor and instructions for How to Declare a Minor in Women’s and Gender Studies, please refer to our FAQ page. You may also contact the Women’s and Gender Studies Program Director, Dr. Arianne Gaetano or visit Haley Center 3227 during our posted office hours.


Required Courses

WMST 2100  Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies (3)

WMST 5980  Feminist Theory (3)


Elective Courses

ANTH 3000  Culture, Marriage, and the Family (3)

ANTH 3200  Anthropology of Gender (3)

ANTH 3600  Medical Anthropology (3)

ANTH 5200  Gender, Development, and Culture (3)

ARTS 3810  Gender and the Visual Arts (3)

CMJN 4400  Gender Communication (3)

COMM 5430  Gender, Work, and Communication (3) (*By instructor permission)

ENGL 4310 Renaissance British Literature (3)

ENGL 4320  Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Literature (3)

ENGL 4510  Eighteenth-Century Novel (3)

ENGL 4710  Topics in Gender and Literature (3)

ENGL 4740  Environment, Literature, and Culture (3)

HDFS 2000  Marriage and Family in a Global Context/Cross Cultural Perspective

HDFS 3040  Human Sexuality over the Family Life Cycle (3)

HDFS 4680  Family in Cross Cultural Perspective (3)

HDFS 4700  Gender Roles and Close Relationships (3)

HDFS 5300  Families and Social Policy (3)

HIST 3020  History of Women in the United States (3)

HIST 3560 Technology and Gender History (3)

HIST 3600  Issues in Women’s & Gender History (3)

HIST 3610  Private Lives and Public Places (3)

HIST 5030  South to 1877 (3)

HIST 5060  Making of Modern America, 1877-1929 (3)

LEAD 2100  Women and Leadership (3)

MDIA 3320  Gender and Sexuality in Media (3)

MUSI 5110  Women in Music (3)

PHIL 1090  Philosophy of Race and Gender (3)

PHIL 3800  Feminism and Philosophy (3)

PSYC 2510  Psychology of Sexual Behavior (3)

POLI 3720  Issues in Comparative Politics: Gender and Comparative Politics (3)

POLI 4030  Constitutional Law: Civil Rights (3)

POLI 5610  Women in Politics (3)

SOCY 3300  Sociology of the Family (3)

SOCY 3500  Minority Groups (3)

SOCY 5500  Victimology (3)

SOCY 5600  Sex Crimes (3)

SOCY 5670  Sociology of Gender (3)

SOWO 3800  Human Behavior in the Environment I (3)

SOWO 3850  Human Behavior in the Environment II (3)

THEA 4950  Theatre Literature/ Theory Seminar (3)

WMST 3500  Gender, Beauty, and Culture (3)

WMST 3900  Directed Readings in Women’s Studies (1-3)

WMST 3970  Special Topics in Women’s and Gender Studies (3)




Last Updated: December 04, 2020