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Research and Travel Support

Students pursuing the minor and faculty affiliates who are engaged in research that furthers the mission of the Women’s and Gender Studies program may request traveling funding for their qualified research travel (i.e., to present their research at regional, national or international conferences).

Applications should be sent via email to the director of the Women’s and Gender Studies program, who will forward eligible and complete applications to the executive committee members for their consideration.

For domestic travel, requests must be submitted at least two weeks before the travel begins. For international travel, requests must be submitted one month prior to submitting a RAT-50 form. Please note that you are responsible for filling out the appropriate forms required by the University prior to travel.

Traveling funding is limited, so applicants should first seek funding from their home department, college or organization. The maximum individual award is $500 and actual award amounts may vary. Normally, an individual is not eligible for more than one award annually.

The following strategic priorities (in order) will be taken into consideration in the allocation of travel fund awards:

  1. Graduate minors
  2. Faculty engaged in research with WGST minors (e.g., joint paper and presentations)
  3. Individuals who have not received WGST travel fund support in the previous year(s).

Items required in the application for WGST program travel fund support:

  1. A cover letter that describes the qualified research travel and how it furthers the mission of the WGST Program, the amount of money requested, and the amount of money applied for and/or received from the applicant’s department or other sources
  2. A letter of acceptance or confirmation from the conference director or session chair
  3. A brief abstract of the paper to be presented
  4. Estimated budget, including airfare or other transportation expenses, lodging, registration fee and per diem (university guidelines should be followed for in-state and out-of-state per diem amounts)
  5. AFTER YOUR CONFERENCE TRAVEL IS COMPLETED, submit itemized receipts for your expenses to the program director. Documentation must include a copy of the conference program, or the first page of the program, and the page listing the recipient’s participation. The director will then forward the paperwork to an administrator for processing.

Applicants will be notified by the director if travel funding is approved. In keeping with standard codes of etiquette, recipients should send a thank you note (email is fine) to the director upon notification of the award and again upon receipt of the funds. Credit should be given to the Women's and Gender Studies program travel fund in the applicant's presentation.