Department of Political Science

Stacey L. Hunt

Stacey L. Hunt Associate Professor
7070 Haley Center
(344) 844-6168
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Office Hours

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Stacey L Hunt is Assistant Professor of Political Science. She received her Ph.D. from Rutgers University in 2009 and joined the Auburn faculty that same year. Dr. Hunt has been a Fulbright scholar, an American Association of University Women Fellow, a Ford Foundation Pre-Doctoral Fellow, and a Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellow. She specializes in comparative politics, with an emphasis on contemporary state construction in Latin America. She is the author of numerous articles on state construction and citizenship, and her current research involves a comparative study of the role of gendered spectacles in creating state legitimacy and power at moments of crisis in the Andes.

Representative Publications

  • "Combating Capital Crimes with Community Justice and Coexistence in Colombia." Under review.
  • "The Promise of Participation: The Limits of Citizen Engagement." Under review.
  • Cultural Imbrication: State-Building through Cultures of Violence and Citizenship. Book Manuscript.
  • "Rethinking State, Civil Society, and Citizen Participation: The Case of the Colombian Paramilitaries," Behemouth: A Journal on Civilisation (2009), 2(1): 64-87.
  • "Planning the Strong State: Regulating Public Space, Redefining Citizenship," Environment and Planning D: Society and Space (2009), 27(2): 331-351.
  • "Languages of Stateness: A Study of Space and El Pueblo in the Colombian State," Latin American Research Review (2006), 41(3): 88-121

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