Student Spotlight with Kali Skidelsky

Photo of Kali Skidelsky

Orlando native Kali Skidelsky is currently a sophomore majoring in English (professional and public writing) with a minor in communications. She serves as the president of the College of Liberal Arts Student Eminent Society and as editor-in-chief of Her Campus Auburn. She is also an active member of the soroity Phi Mu and plans to work in the publishing industry after graduation. 

1.       What made you decide to attend Auburn?
Auburn is actually the only school I applied to. After visiting, this place instantly felt like home. For such a large campus, I have found ways to make it small, such as with clubs and organizations! 

2.       How did you choose your major?
I have always been an avid reader and a strong writer. I considered studying English in college but wasn’t sure what I could do with an English degree. Auburn offers the unique track of professional and public writing where I am practicing editing, writing, and language study. This major allows me to learn efficient communication practices while developing skills in a subject I was already passionate about – writing. 

3.       What has your student experience been like so far? 
I began to feel part of the Auburn Family once I started participating in clubs and organizations. Freshman year was hard as I was from out of state and, honestly, did not get into many of the organizations I interviewed for first semester. If I had to tell an incoming freshman one thing, it would be to keep trying. Every position I didn’t get still provided me with experience and practice for the future. Auburn’s Spring Up leadership program gave me the push into the clubs I am involved in now. I am currently President of Student Eminent Society and Editor in Chief of Her Campus Auburn. 

4.       What is your favorite Auburn memory so far?
My favorite Auburn memory is from freshman year. It was the night before classes were canceled for the snow day. Growing up in Florida, I had never experienced a snow day in my own backyard. I was living in the village dorms and everyone went outside that night to the parking lot for a giant snowball fight! I met so many new people that night and had so much fun. I always share this memory to describe how Auburn really does feel like a family and my home away from home.

5.       What is your favorite class or professor so far?
I have not taken many classes in my major as I am only a sophomore, but my favorite so far is a class I am currently in – Technical Editing or ENGL 4020. I am learning the nitty gritty of editing all types of documents in various formats. I am quite the perfectionist, so I enjoy focusing on the details and taking a project-oriented class.

6.       What’s a fact about you that people are usually surprised or impressed by?
As I previously mentioned, I am Editor in Chief of Her Campus Auburn, Auburn University’s branch of a global, online women’s magazine. I started as a feature writer my freshman year. By this past fall of my sophomore year, I was president of the club. This semester I took over as Editor in Chief and look forward to continuing this position. People are often impressed by how quickly I moved up in the organization. I have found that when you are passionate about something, you want to put in the work and be as involved as possible! 

7.       What do you want to do with your major? 
My career goal is to find a job in the publishing industry. I would like to begin as an editor and advance into a role as a publisher. I plan on going to graduate school to obtain a Masters in English or Communications. However, I feel my major is preparing me for limitless opportunities if I change my mind.

Last Updated: April 03, 2019