Peer Advisor Wisdom with Sarah Atkinson

Photo of Sarah Atkinson

Name: Sarah Atkinson
Hometown: Andalusia, AL
Major: Communication
Classification: Junior

Q: Which class has been your favorite at Auburn so far? 
A: My favorite class at Auburn so far has been visual communication. I have always enjoyed visual media, and this class allowed me to dig a little deeper and analyze the commercials, pictures, and movies I love so much.
Q: What is the best technology based resource at Auburn?
I know this might sound silly, but my favorite technology resource is AdviseAssist. My advisor has helped me so much and being able to schedule an appointment that fits my schedule is the most fantastic thing ever. I always try and give her as much info as possible when I schedule my appointment so when I come in, she already has the answers to some of my questions. The meetings only last 5-15 minutes, but they help so so much!
Q: What do you wish someone had told you before you started as a student at Auburn?
I wish that someone would have stressed to me how important is it to get involved with something YOU are passionate about. Auburn is so unique in that there are clubs and organizations that cover basically any topic you might be interested in. You can find out so much about who you are and what you want to do with the rest of your life when you join organizations and do things that sound interesting to you!
Q: Where are your favorite places to study on campus?
My favorite place to study on campus is the library. I love the big tables and study rooms. It's so close to campus, so I feel like I can go there between classes and study if I need to. The new Mell addition makes it that much better!
Q: How do you balance your social and academic obligations?
This is a tricky question. It took me a little while to figure out how to get everything done in a day that I wanted to. I've found that the best way to juggle social and academic obligations successfully is to treat school like it's a job. Wake up at 8 everyday and do your homework during your breaks and until around 5. That way, you've got the night to do whatever you want to do, and you aren't stressed about school when you're with your friends because you've done everything during the day.


Last Updated: May 23, 2018